SeaWorld buying wild orcas for their sea zoos

SeaWorld seemed more interested in sending these orcas into a life of captivity to entertain tourists, rather than releasing them back into the ocean.
First there was Springer, a young female discovered in Puget Sound, alone and undernourished.
Springer was eventually caught and transferred to a netted-off pen, where she could be fed and cared for. Many scientists and activists wanted to see her returned to her family, but her fate was uncertain.
SeaWorld wanted to see Springer taken captive permanently. “The SeaWorld vet tried his best to find something wrong with Springer that would dictate that she be moved to a SeaWorld tank,” says Howard Garrett of the Orca Network.
Finally, a young female rescued off the coast of the Netherlands, named Morgan. Despite attempts by scientists and activists to win the whale’s freedom, Morgan was sent to the Loro Parque theme park, in the Canary Islands, where she remains to this day.

Please help free Morgan:
All killer whales at Loro Parque belong to SeaWorld, and now the company lists Morgan as part of their “collection” in papers filed with the SEC. There will be another legal hearing on Morgan’s fate next month, but it’s clear that SeaWorld has no intention of letting go.
SeaWorld’s Jacobs conceded that “a killer whale can and occasionally might travel as much as 100 miles in a day,” he wrote that “swimming that distance is not integral to a whale’s health and well-being. It is likely foraging behavior.”
And he added this: “They adapt very well to life in a zoological setting.”
If you’d like to help, by signing a petition or writing to the Dutch minister before Morgan’s courtcase




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