Black comedy is in style


Black Comedy is in Style —

Cid Andrenelli, Artist and Writer

Finding an enigmatic artist and activist whose talents cross multiple mediums is rare to find. Italian artist, writer and playwright Cid Andrenelli is one of these unique talents.

Examining Andrenelli’s paintings is hypnotic and mesmerizing. Some of her work has hints of similarity with those of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits. Their artwork is passionate, raw, vivid and yet quietly disturbing. In another medium, Andrenelli stretches her artistic wings in her stage play, The Burqa Master which was recently adapted into a novel. Andrenelli’s writing is best described as wickedly colourful, black humour that peeks into the satirical aspects of cultures and traditions. Digital Journal had the opportunity to interview Andrenelli for this article.

About cid andrenelli

writer and artist
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