Eastlit – May edition 2016

A journal of Literature & Art, South East Asia – Included in May’s edition an extract from my novel – The Indochina Man by Cid Andrenelli. The extract is titled ‘The Border Town’





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Remembering Tehran


A short novella by Cid Andrenelli published in The Telegraph….press to readPostcard-dervish-02

PDF Version



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Oliver The broken Bear, Free After 30 Years In A Bear Bile Farm In China

what can I say, spare a few bucks to help animal asia?

One Person, One World.

Oliver The Broken Bear:

Oliver was one of 10 bears rescued from a bear bile farm in Shandong province, China. 33 years old, he had spent 30 of those in this cage, with a heavy metal jacket and daily painful bile extractions… img_album_oliver_002 img_album_oliver_001

Oliver the brown bear have a stunted body, arthritis and mobility problems. His stiff old limbs can never extend normally like a healthy bear. He has compressed lungs from wearing a full metal jacket so tightly around his chest for decades on the farm, and an enlarged heart as a result of it working harder throughout these years. His teeth are broken , and an eye with lens luxation which made him blind and causing him pain, so it had to be removed by surgery. img_album_oliver_003

When Animal Asia rescued him they were very concerned about the state of him. His long, misshapen body was flat to the bottom of his…

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Finding Zero (Review)

Great article. i’m getting this book, thanks for the tip.


Personally, I consider mathematics to be a rather useful albeit, dry, intimidating field of study.  In public school, my grades in arithmetic and math were terrible.  I finally found a truce with the subject in college when I aced Algebra 101.  A few years ago, I started an independent study of Trigonometry that more or less, still continues.  To me, mathematics is difficult and requires a great deal of discipline for a follow-through.Zero-01jacket

That is why I was surprised to find an attractively packaged slim volume about mathematics on the new books shelf at the Norfolk (Nebraska) Public Library.  The dustcover of Finding Zero: A Mathematician’s Odyssey to Uncover the Origins of Numbers by Amir D. Aczel is reminiscent of Buddhist philosophy publications. The drawing of a right palm immediately made me think of a classic Mudra or gesture of the Lord Buddha.  The juxtaposition of the illustration with the…

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The Man Who Threw His Wife Down The Toilet

Tonight JFK a lowbrow tabloid talk show presenter reveals the truth about Geoff Butcher, better known as the man who chucked his wife down the toilet and got away with it. During the play JFK calls weird and wonderful witnesses onto the stage to confront Butcher over his lies. Butcher defends himself not only fighting with his dead wife’s rummy relatives but also arguing with his own psychiatrist over his claim to genius, likening himself to Jesus, Van Gogh and Joan of Arc’s father as he misquotes Shakespeare and the Bible. Meanwhile on the split stage Butcher is rushing in and out of his flat where his wife still lives in his head. He re-enacts the rows that led to the murder, from the first where she reveals herself as an absolute scrag to the last where they violently battle with a carving knife. This play will be performed later in 2015 Florence Italy. Dates and theatre to follow.


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Great Italian Opera on the 1st day of Spring in Hanoi

Don’t miss this!!!




Irene Favro, Soprano. With Maggio Musicale Fiorentino she performed as Berta in Rossini’s Il Barbiere di Siviglia (D’Agostini/Michieletto, 2010), Serpina in Pergolesi’s La serva Padrona (Caldi/Carreres 2011), Modista in Rota’s Il cappello di paglia (Alapont/Cigni and in 2013 conducted by Battistoni), Nella in Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi (D’Espinosa/De Carlo 2012) and Cupido in Offenbach’s Orfeo all’Inferno (Xu Zhong/Carniti 2013).
Other roles she has already debuted: Frasquita in Carmen (Mariotti/Žagars) with Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Giannetta in L’elisir d’amore (Franklin/Crivelli) with Carlo Felice in Genoa, second woman in Purcell’s Dido and Enea (2013) with Teatro Filarmonico in Verona (Montanari/Bianchi); paggio in Rigoletto (Frizza/Guerra) for the Festival del Centenario Areniano.
Recently she performed as Frasquita (Carmen) at the Arena di Verona for the New Millenium Festival 2014 (Nanasi-Kovatchev/Zeffirelli).
At Opera Quingdao (China) she performed as Musetta in…

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The Indochina Man by Cid Andrenelli

To read click on the ‘ChineseMan’ link below

ChineseMan pdf read here


pillow book 2-be9f5

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